Saturday, May 29, 2010

Princess Pia in her Ameliejo

We LOVE this etsy seller! Such unique designs one of a kind and super duper SWEET sweet sweet!! Please check her out!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

brother/sister LOVE

Growing up with sisters and no brothers I couldn't have understood the special bond a brother and sister could have. When Khloe was born and I knew my husband and I would have more children, I prayed Khloe would have a sister. I LOVE my sisters! I can't imagine my life without them. We never had sister competition and though I would say we never even fought my parents I am sure would beg to differ, bathroom time, sharing clothes, sharing the car etc... ok so we did have our share of screaming matches but the greater good FAR out weighs any of that so I guess I just block it out. As I got older the bond between my sisters and I also grew. Now we are all wives, mothers and sisters and our bond is even more important. We share in each others troubles, trials, miracles, successes and everything in between. We know longer live in the same house, or the same town, not even the same state at this point, but the love I have for my sisters has only gotten stronger and I wanted that for my daughter.

I never understood the love between a brother and sister until I started dating my husband. My husband is a middle child. Sandwiched between an older brother and a younger sister. He is 5 years younger than his brother but only a little over a year older than his sister. I remember going to his house with him when we had first started dating. He couldn't wait for me to meet his family , his friends and most importantly his sister. After meeting her I saw something I had never seen before. A true love a brother, sister love. They laughed at all the same jokes, even jokes that no one else laughed at, which then in the end made everyone laugh. They joked with each other, shared life with each other and really loved each other. How cool this was for me to see.

My husband had moved away from home at this point and his sister was still there, they wrote each other letters to stay in touch, how cool letters between a brother and sister. I remember on her wedding day how he felt. Not that he would ever stop loving her or protecting her but he was passing the torch to another man to take on that responsibility. Someone he had spent his whole life looking out for, now had someone else to do that. As a man he began shifting his responsibility away from is parents and sister towards starting his own family. Taking care of his wife who was someone else's daughter and sister. There was something lost or maybe just different there but it was not love.

To this day they still laugh at all the same jokes and instead of letters it's text messages. Her husband now provides for her and protects her but there are bonds that can not be broken, brother/sister bonds. This is what I see when I look at my children. They don't always get along or see eye to eye. Sometimes he is the annoying little brother and she is the mean older sister. I get glimpses though of something inside both of them. When they hug each other for no reason and say I love you. When he tells her she is beautiful without prompting and when she tells him he is fast and strong. The way even though they have there own rooms and beds, they sleep together. The way they laugh at each others jokes. Khloe drawing pictures of her and he brother playing, she's always holding flowers and he is always holding a sword. Isn't it cool this brother/sister love.

Life has changed again with us and we have added another baby and she is a sister to Khloe and Caleb the best of both worlds. While most of the time I wish I could freeze time, I do look forward to the love that grows in time. There is nothing like seeing your children love each other and watching their bonds form. They will grow and change but will never be broken.

The picture of Khloe and Caleb was taken Sunday after church. Khloe had been trying to win this Buzzlightyear potato head for Caleb for the last several weeks in Sunday school. Today her name was called she got the question right and won the toy for her brother! She also got a ring pop for him. It was a proud moment for my husband and I when we saw her thinking of him, looking out for him and loving him. She proudly showed him the toy she worked hard to win and he said with his wide smile,"Sissy is this for ME?!" Khloe, "My name was called, I got the question right and I won it for you." Ahhhh they melt me! I always say I am blessed beyond measure, my cup runs over, my heart is FULL!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First and Last

Khloe on her first and last day of school! This year she started at 48.5 inches and 46lbs. She is now 50.5 inches tall and 51lbs and every bit sweet!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Storms may come and they may go

I woke up last week to my daughter busting through my bedroom door screaming," We had a TORNADO!!!" I had heard the sirens when I was up in the early morning hours feeding my other baby girl. My husband turned on the TV and just a storm warning so back to bed we went...until our other alarm, Khloe came with her news. I said no no honey it was just a storm and she insisted it wasn't. Look she said our garbage is all over the yard, trees are down and it's a mess out there. Sure enough I looked out her window towards our front yard and she was right...not the tornado of course but it did look like a bomb went off in our front yard, 60 mph winds will do that!

Last night my husband happened to be out of town, of course (refer to first blog) and I was planning on having a nice quiet relaxing evening with my sewing machine when the sirens came on again. This time when I turned the TV on tornado warnings and the color RED all over the area where I conveniently live. Rain and hail started, cloud to ground lightening was being spotted and a funnel, can someone tell me if a funnel is the same thing as a tornado?! Anyway that was enough for this northern girl to gather up her kids and get in the closet! Caleb was in charge of the flashlight, Sophie was in her bassinet and Khloe well she's like her Daddy she slept through the whole thing!

I sat texting everyone I know, thats the thing with me...I clean when I'm angry...I exercise when I'm frustrated and I TEXT when I am nervous. Like a mad woman!!! I must have texted 15 different people in that closet! It was enough of a distraction to get me through the storm though so the cramps in my fingers today were worth it. We made it through the storm alive and well!
Here are some pictures of the first storm clean up. Look at my Knight in Nikes hulling those branches gotta LOVE the big guy, and my sweet babies helping our neighbor clean up her yard...all while I was taking these pictures :) I did put the camera down to help but only after the pictures!

Thanks to my wonderful husband...

I need to thank my husband for giving me a wonderful Mother's day present, a visit from my sister who also happens to be my best friend who happens to live hundreds of miles away, who I hadn't seen face to face in over a year. XO

My sister in her other life is a published middle grade fiction author, mother of four children in four years (which makes her a saint), strong independent loyal wife and friend and an amazing baker of all treats chocolate! She taught me how to make her world famous chocolate eclairs. Don't ask how a woman can look this amazing eat chocolate like it's going out of style and ice cream by the carton, really...I mean...REALLY?

Goodbye's are never fun. We always still cry...til next time my dear sister!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Khloe's Kindergarten Graduation

My 5 1/2 year old daughter graduated from Kindergarten this evening. We loved her school her teachers and her classmates. It was a great year and we are so thankful for the experience Khloe had at this school. She and I made some great friends. Tonight was a fun evening, celebrating all the work that was done over the year! All of the kids had a great time during the ceremony and enjoyed playing around the field outside the church afterwards. Only one more day of school left...then summer, summer, summer TIIIIME!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


As many of you know my son was born three years ago with a congenital deformity called Craniosynostasis. Basically it is a fancy way of saying no soft spot as an infant. At 10 wks old he under went a very invasive skull surgery to fix it. A wonderful pediatric neurologist and a plastic surgeon worked hand in hand to remove the fused piece of bone, put in dissolvable plates and screws, and the plastic surgeon worked on reshaping his skull esthetically. He then wore a helmet for three months to protect his skull and help hold the desired shape of his head.

He had a miraculous recovery. He was taken out of the PICU after 24 hours and spent several more days on the children's ward until he was released and came home a few days later. As a Mom I can't even remember how I got through it...really. I faint at the sight of blood...really and I am not a fan of hospitals. I remember that morning preparing him my new baby boy only weeks old for a major surgery. He was going to go through more in his short life then some go through in a lifetime. Kyan and I sat with a friend Melody who so graciously left her child behind to come and sit with us for awhile and pray with us during the surgery. I will NEVER forget that.

It was a long 7 hours before we got to see him again. We waited for our names to be called then my husband and I were lead back to his room where we thanked God for his safety, the steady hands of his Dr.'s and the ability to get through this. Looking back now three years ago it feels more like a lifetime ago. I look at my healthy boy and thank God for His goodness, mercy and protection. Three years ago this month.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Something old, something new

Anyone that knows me well knows I LOVE old things. I love old houses, lamps, furniture, books, art, trinkets, toys, jewelry... anything really. In old houses I LOVE the awkward size rooms, wood floors, plaster walls and can even appreciate the smaller closet's when we didn't need 20 pairs of jeans. The way floors and doors creak, the way the windows always stick. I don't mind any of it, I prefer it really. Why, I am not sure. Part of it I know is imagining all the things that those houses have seen. All the people that lived there all the memories that were made. The laughing, the crying and everything in between.

When getting the room ready for my new baby girl, I couldn't help but want a bunch of somethings old for my something new. I hit up a local flea market and was able to find a few trinkets and then a beautiful vintage nursery lamp for her changing table. Every time I look at that lamp I can't help but think of the first Mommy who bought it for her nursery. I wonder how many people had this lamp in their babies rom before it ended up in my house for my baby. I LOVE this lamp!

Here are a few pictures of my somethings old!

Sweet Pia-Pie

Sweet Pia-Pie

Our Darling Doll, Khlo

Our Darling Doll, Khlo





and lil-ol-me...

and lil-ol-me...