Thursday, February 21, 2013


We got SNOW yesterday, and it was actually enough to play in! It was heavy and wet and the perfect snow to have a snowball fight.  Caleb spent no less than four hours.  I think his Daddy's Alaska blood runs through him he never felt the cold! Only the crunch of snow bellow his feet and the pack between his hands, as he tortured our neighbors dog with snowballs that melted in it's mouth.

      Here is a picture of Pal not really his weather he's more of a 70 degree and sunny type dog!

          They couldn't wait to jump on the trampoline to see what would happen! It was great fun!

I love my hunter boots great for rain or snow

                                                      Our hoop covered in snow!

A view from our street, I had to run and get milk and my windshield wiper flew off.  Lucky for me My "Knight in Nikes" was home and fixed it so the kids and I made a slow ride to see what the world around us looked like covered in snow and safely got our milk and made it home!  Yay for snow at least once a year!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Girls Night COTM Style

left to right
(Angie, Me, Sarah, Heather, Becka, Sommer, Brenda & Hailey)

Our church is AWESOME!  The day after Valentines Day they scheduled a Girls night.  A fun time with a few games, a great speaker a DJ and Jamba Juice in the Fellowship Hall!  YES, dancing the electric slide, cha cha slide, a congo line a 100 miles long and every other organized group dance from the 1900's you can think of!  It was hilarious.  My wonderful, gorgeous group of friend and I had a great time!  God so blesses me everywhere we move with great friends and an even better support system for my family and I.  It always seems to come through one place

These wonderful girls are all beautiful people inside and out.  They are all mothers and wives and other than myself and one other, they are Pastors wives.  Which, within has it's own challenges that all of them take on so graciously, as their husbands give so much of themselves to so many others.
I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to stand in a line with.
In this group iron sharpens iron!

Here I am all dressed up, well kind of...
the Mister just thought I looked pretty and wanted to take a picture.

Here is a link to a short film about The City Church in Seattle Washington
The Pastor's wife Chelsea Smith, was the speaker tonight and she was great.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day Food Crawl

Me plus 3 got the great idea after seeing several heart shaped treats around town, to try a Valentines day food crawl!  The idea came from a show we like to watch Man vs. Food.  We decided to make a list of restaurants or stores that we frequent that sell Valentine or heart shaped food, then each day we would try a new one until Valentines Day!  Here are some pictures of what we came up with!

The amigos thought it was the perfect way to celebrate LOVE DAY! I think this may be our new Valentines Day tradition!

First Super Target Heart shaped Little Debbies

Next an after school before-basketball practice
Merritt's Bakery cookie and cupcake stop!

3rd day in our Crawl was the Sonic Sweetheart Shake
it was cherry and chocolate with a little whip on top.
The amigos gave it 3 thumbs UP!

Day 4 was everyone's favorite for obvious reason's I mean come on?!
If you don't like this picture I question if you are the Grinch and your heart is 3 sizes to small :)

We were introduced so this VERY small country donut shop by our friends the Matlachs four donut loving boys.  
They truly are the best I have ever had.  I just knew they would be serving hot Valentine donuts and boy was I right!  Look at the sign, I smiled like a kid in a candy store when I pulled up, and as always there was a line about to burst out the door at 7:45am!

She didn't know if she could eat the bear/cats head

SHE had NO problem! Look, icing up both nostrils!!

My sweet BOY!

"Mama, I can't eat his head and face?!"

The donut spoils of a 2 year old, she an icing scalper!

Our 5th and final day. Papa Murphy's heart shaped Pizza.
Daddy had a game that day so it was the perfect "game-day" Valentine treat!

All in all everyone seems to have loved the food crawl. Next year I think we will be sure to do it again, and add even more treats to our CRAWL!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Strong Roots and Strong Wings

This little 8 year old is a hustler!  As her mother I have been searching with her to find her "thing".  We have tried cheer, basketball, tap, ballet, soccer and a few other things.  Because she is a good girl she did all of these activities with a good, positive attitude but nothing really stuck or felt like her thing, until TENNIS!  She will be a tall girl!  With a Daddy that is 6' 9" and a Momma that is 5' 10" that is her destiny.  She is also left handed which in someways according to the sports world, especially the tennis world is a born advantage.  I LOVE watching my children do anything, but I especially LOVE watching them do the things they enjoy doing.  I LOVE to hear her ask in the morning, "Do I get to play tennis today?" with a smile on her face and a hope in her voice!  I love to watch her shoulders slump in disappointment when I tell her on the court it's time to go.  It is my absolute pleasure to take her to lessons and practice with her as much as possible.  I can't wait to see my other two amigos find their thing, and help them along the same way!  

My promise to each of them is to do my BEST to give them each strong roots and strong wings

Friday, February 8, 2013

Worth the Listen Mindy Gledhill "All the Pennies"


Christmas 2012! My Mom and Dad came for 10 days it was FANTASTIC!  A lot of relaxing and hanging out just the way we like it!  Khloe had tennis, the 3 amigos had breakfast with Mimi, my Mom bought cleaner from a door to door sales person, and Pia got a wee bit sick and fell asleep at the park on PopPop.

We had an AMAZING morning at Church on the Move, watching this years
Christmas event "The Story of Christmas"

COTM Jesus Light of the World

          I, Momma got the SANTA lego!!!!                         The Crew at The Christmas Story

Building ginger bread houses!  We didn't get gumdrops Daddy's favorite...oops :(

Pia and her baby go everywhere right now!

Rhema lights!  I think I am the only one that REALLY wanted to go BUT in the ned everyone was glad we went.  The lights really are amazing!!

Quick stop for hot coco at Rhema

Rhema Lights

Caleb in the TUNNEL full of running lights and music he LOVED it!

The Jesus Storybook Bible!

Christmas morning!  Caleb got a special note from Brynee the "wrapping elf"

Caleb got an electric scooter, spy stuff... Oh and of course some lego!  Khloe got an iTouch and horse trailer that she really wanted it was a BIG Christmas for the kiddos!!

I, put tissue all over their door so they had to BUST through in the morning!! The final trick of our Elf on a Shelf!!  Caleb's Lord of the Rings Lego, he set it up :)

Hunter boots THANK YOU Daddy!!                                  "Santa" Eating cookies

PopPop carving up the turkey it was SO GOOD!            Pia and her sparkle slippers

                               Mimi and PopPop took Khloe to see the Hobbit she loved it!

Tea party and a few snowflakes

Mistletoe high in the tree
Good-Byes are never easy, but family stays close.  This is US piled in our favorite chair, the perfect way to watch a movie!

CC Christmas party and the 3 amigos outside my favorite Santa Village at Utica Square

Fooling around at Christmas!!

I LOVE holiday candy and crafts!!

Our Christmas books and lights!

Get togethers with friends for movies, our favorite...Prep and Landing with the Matlachs!!

Daddy hanging Christmas lights he didn't even need a ladder :)  Pia with the Santa hat and our sneaky little elf!

more decorating

more fun with friends, Khloe and Ava

The amigos with Popop on a walk it's never to cold for a walk with Popop!!


Sweet Pia-Pie

Sweet Pia-Pie

Our Darling Doll, Khlo

Our Darling Doll, Khlo





and lil-ol-me...

and lil-ol-me...