Thursday, September 29, 2011

C.A.L.E.B. don't forget it

Caleb with some of his "lego creations"

I had to write this before I forgot. Caleb told this to me after school on the 3rd day of pre K ABC pre school.

Me, "Caleb how was school today?"

Caleb, "Good, I told the girl with hearts on her shirt she could be on my super hero team on the playground and she gave me a hug."

Sweetest boy ever! BTW every time I ask him how was school he tells me everything that happened on the playground!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Taylor Swift BOK Sept. 21, 2011

The tree and the apple

Taylor Swift

Concert T and Glow Stick

Momma and Khloe

Taylor singing Time of my life

We were just 10ft away

Khloe holding up the signature heart


Someday I'll be livin' in a big ol' city......

In our seats

Downtown roof top

It's good to be 7,8 &9

The girls

Kissy, kissy

31 & 7 about to have the time of our life!

In the words of TS herself, "I had the time of my life with you!" I got the chance to take my Taylor Swift, country music lovin', concert performing daughter (only when no one is looking) to see her absolutely FAVORITE person Taylor Swift! Our seats were amazing not far center from the front main stage and very close (10ft) to a smaller stage where taylor sang for about 30 min of the show. We were feet away. Khoe held up the signature heart sign and swears Taylor looked right at her and smiled!

We went downtown Tulsa before hand with friends to eat rooftop with a skyline view at El Quapo Mexican restaurant. Lot's of little girls and their Momma's laughing and having a great time. We them split and rushed over to the concert in time to snap a few pics, buy a t-shirt, glow stick and bathroom just in time to make it to our seat 15 min before Taylor went on and the red curtain went up!

It was SO MUCH FUN can't even tell ya! Khloe knew every word to every song, danced, sang and had a blast. Seven in young for a concert, yes it is. I wouldn't have taken her to anyone else but Taylor. TS writes all her won lyrics & music, truly sings all her own songs, they are upbeat, happy, fun, cool and awesome! There are a few I would skip over for her age but whateve's... the great far outweighs the bad. She is also tall, with curly sandy blonde hair, sound familiar ;)

her concert was appropriate theatrical and for a momma and daughter I couldn't have been having more fun. The best part for me though was being able to share something so special with my daughter. She is still young enough that going to a concert singing and dancing with MOM is still cool! So yes maybe my reason's for taking her were selfish.

I wanted to share this moment with her before she goes next time with a friend and tells me MOM sit down, STOP dancing ;) It's coming I know. Next time when I want to put my arm around her or walk in holding hands and she pulls away. We had the time of our life and it was awesome!! We sang in each others faces, laughed and sang every word to every song together and it was GREAT! A night I will never ever ever want to forget!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Khloe is a JDA All-Star Cheerleader!

Khloe the All-Star

Ready set GO!!!


JDA LET"S GOoooooo

Khloe has taken Cheernastics a combination of cheer and gymnastics for one year. This year marks the beginning of her second year. Her dance studio gave all the girls the opportunity to try-out ages 6-9 for an All-Star Squad. All you needed was one year of experience. Khloe decided she was going to do it.

I have to say I was WAY more nervous than she was. It was relaxed I am assuming the majority of girls that tried out made it but non the less at age 7 she was trying out for her first make or or break it. What would I say if she didn't, how would she feel if she didn't? Why was I making this more about ME than her???

I took her to the try out and watched her do really well at something and not so well at other things. She tried hard but at the same time had no idea what she was really doing there. To her it was just another cheer class!

The try out ended and to make a long story short she told me she hoped she makes it and well 48 long hours later we found out she did! I don't have the heart to tell her yet that most likley she will be over 6 feet tall and most cheerleaders aren't much over 5ft. For now it is perfect! I just try to sit back, encourage and let her have her moments! How wonderful they are and how blessed I am to be there for them!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Boys Day Out!

Caleb in his pre K class room

Caleb with Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Eliot (thrilled right, look at face)

Caleb and Mommy

First day of Pre K ABC

Daddy and Caleb

Daddy giving the pep talk for the first day of school

Khloe telling him he's going to do GREAT!

Sweet Boy

Caleb James 4 1/2 as tall as a door knob ;)

Batman backpack

Buckle up it's gonna be a wild ride!

My boy is growing up! 2011 is the year of change for my little man! He learned to swim, ride a bike with no training wheels we are still working on the nighttime diaper thing :( the biggest yet though is 11 hours a week he is now spending Mommy and sister FREE at what I call boys day out or what most Momma's call Mom's day out or Pre-School. I call it this because his class is 10 boys and five girls. When you are a boy that is sandwiched between two sisters and has a girly Mom and a Dad that is traveling the greater part of the year Boys Day Out can be a very liberating experience!

A time for snakes, snails and puppy dog tails, poop talk and bum jokes, super heros and Star Wars, oh and some ABC's and 123'S too I'm sure ;) Caleb has started his BDO and is sadly away from us every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-2:30 UGH it's so long.... He LOVES it though.

His teachers are Mrs. Jones a qualified mother of three boys herself and Mrs. Elliot. They are sweet, fun loving, great at repeating themselves and most of all loving and patient! I think this year is going to be a great year! Let's hear it for the BOYS!!!!

Khloe Classical Conversations 2011

Khloe and her friends from last year

The Trailblazers

MAPS, they will learn all the States and Capitals this year

Science, Can pictures "appear" to move?

Circle review with Mrs. Lyles

We are beyond blessed to be a small part of a group with some amazing children and families. Last year I spent a lot of time getting adjusted to homeschooling full time and having a baby etc. This year I look forward to really getting to know some of the great women, their children and husbands a little more. We changed building this year to allow for more space for our ever growing group. I am excited bc the rooms are more like classrooms and much more conducive for learning. Here are a few quick pics of our first day of CC 2011!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The latest addition to our ever growing brood, an English Bulldog named Pal! Yes we live in apprx. 1500 sqft. with 3 kiddos one XL adult, me and 2dogs all comfy cozy in our itzty bitzy, tinsy winsy, teenie tiny house and life couldn't be better we LoVe our new Pal!

My boys cool like that!

I love all three of kids! I have a sensitive but strong oldest child. I have tender hearted middle child and a what seems to be a strong willed, independent third child. I have a piece of my heart in each of them. Loving them all is easy finding what each ones needs in their own way isn't always.

I grew up without brothers. I am a girly girl to the 100th degree! I love pink, high heels make-up and hair bows and always have! When my one and only boy burst on the scene he immediately was my angel baby. He went right to bed every time no fussing. Nursed like a dream for a year, slept ALL the time earning him the nickname snoozer! What a guy! It was love at first sight, (well it was with all my babies), yes I believe in love at first sight. My little dude has grown up just as cool as the first day I laid eyes on him. He is now four and there is something about this dude that makes me love him more and more every time I lay eyes on him. All the good, all the bad and sometimes yes even the ugly he is still so cool like that!

Here he is rockin' his favorite morning spot Hunter park! 7:30am yes early mornings are in his blood he is half Devlin ;)

Sweet Pia-Pie

Sweet Pia-Pie

Our Darling Doll, Khlo

Our Darling Doll, Khlo





and lil-ol-me...

and lil-ol-me...