Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Worth the Watch

A friend recommended I watch this video I am SO GLAD she did I have the BEST friends! If you have children school age please take the time to watch this video in it's entirety.  It is funny, entertaining and you will not be sorry you did!  It even did some self explaining and maybe why I was the way I was and "school" where I did well was never really my thing.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Date with 8!


they choose to spend their birthday date with their mama :)

Just kidding I was totally honored when Khloe decided she wanted to spend her birthday shopping ALONE with me!  We rarely get intimate moments where it is just her and I so I thought it rather fitting that we spend the day just her and I. So I am glad that she chose me, can't imagine I will get many more of these.
Honored as I was I officially named the day after her birthday that we got to spent together  
"The Date with 8" she loved that too!

She sort of mapped out what she wanted to do and I added in a few extras I thought she might like and being that she is a lot like her Mama I wrote out a color schedule of the days events she LOVED that too! I know, I know my girl :)

Quick pic before heading out

Khloe reviewing the schedule and approving the events

First stop Barnes and Noble to spend some birthday money.  Calico Critter decisions she picked the hedgehog family thank you Nana and Papa!

Next to buy the NEW Bink and Golie book by Kate DiCamillo she could hardly wait and another Ivy and Bean for our PA trip in a couple weeks! She also enjoyed a fresh piece of Cheese cake and an Izze drink from Starbucks cafe

Birthday Booty

The Schedule

We had such a fun time running around together just her and I!  Listening to music to loud in the car, buying crafts, browsing our favorite books and toys, enjoying a slice of cheesecake and Izze drink.  Purchasing a new diary WITH a lock and key perfect for keeping those little private thoughts.  I loved my Date with 8 I hope my Doll did too!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keep TRUTH in your face and in your heart

                                                           STAY THANKFUL

"Being joy filled does not mean that your life is perfect.  It means that you emphatically trust God and believe he has great plans for your life, regardless of what is happening right now.  Joy is an outward sign of inward faith in the promises of God." -Tommy Newberry

Reminding myself and the little people around me to stay thankful being joyful is a choice we make every single day moment by moment

Always a great way to shut down July with a PARTY

 Khloe's 8th birthday was the perfect way to celebrate the end of July, the return of Daddy and recruiting season being over for the summer!  We are BIG on birthday's in our own way.  Not to say that our kids won't ever have a huge party with friends as I told you before Khloe's 3rd birthday was quite the "party".  We just now simply prefer to keep things in our way a little simpler by keeping it all in the family.  This was fine with Khloe no brainwashing on my part she said, "I would not like a party with friends just family, but what is the point of that if your daddy won't be there."
Well surprise, surprise Daddy made special arrangements to be home ON her birthday!!
Family party it is!

The invited guests were Khloe's pretend farm animals.  In Khloe's imagination I think she lives on a farm close to 24 hours a day :)  On her farm she doesn't discriminate. ALL animals are welcome.  She is not a dairy farmer, or pig farmer a rancher or a horse ranch, she is just the FARM.  Where every critter big and small lives and is well, loved, cared for and appreciated.

It only made sense that they wake up early and surprise the farm girl at breakfast! It was HUGE hit!  She loved their party anima hats!

Party Animals

We interrupt this post for a sweet picture of the farm girl her last night as a 7 year old 

As is tradition in our family. You wake the morning of your birthday with a breakfast cupcake! This one was picked up in a secret ops mission from Fresh Market.  Kyan wasn't home and the littles are always with me.  I dropped Khloe and Caleb at the front of the store in the cafe. It's a small store but still DROPPING your  almost 8 and 5 year old in a store ALONE whaaa who does that??? But she didn't want to see the cupcake I was choosing. What were the choices??

Anyway it worked out fine they had my phone to call and their were plenty of people around, they felt SUPER cool about the mission and I GOT the secret CUPCAKE!! 
dundundundada dundundundada dadada!!!!

Drumroll the cupcake!

The party animals and the table.  Khloe picked her decorations from Party City the day before
pink, white and blue.  I had to come up with the rest :)

Packages and Bows

The Farm Girl got the FARM, thanks Mimi and PopPop!!

Some new jewels for Sunday School

Khloe and I built the house before leaving for brunch.  Not gonna lie, I love the farm too!

It was hard to leave the toys but our bellies were grumbling.  We went on over to our little hot spot by ORU First Watch and ate up our favorite breakfast brunch smiley face french toast!

Side Note:  Our family is tall, even our smalls are tall.  Where ever we go we notice tall people especially families because they are like ours.  TODAY at First Watch was TALL family day they were everywhere!!! 

CANDY who doesn't like candy?? Khloe likes candy but NOT this candy! PARTY FOUL!
"Worst candy EVER!"
Let this be a lesson candy tells us a lot, looks can be deceiving :)

some more time had passed and then...
we got to pick Daddy up form the airport!!!  The first thing she did was walk him into her room and show him the farm!  Her other toys too American Girl stuff but the farm first!

Daddy's Girl 8 years old

Daddy's girls so glad to have him back.  Notice he is already in bed I feel a family nap coming

Khloe also got the American Girl table and food.  Kit and Julie sitting down for lunch.  Thanks Mama and Daddy.  Everyone's gotta have dinner and when it's your day you pick the spot!  Tres Amigos with the 3 amigos I LOVE it!!!

Tres Amigos another favorite restaurant of ours.  The bean dip queso is amazing!

Next red box stop!  Daddy and the doll got out to pick ended up getting Snow White Mirror, Mirror.

Now let the Wild Rumpus Begin! Ok that's Caleb's line actually it's Maurice Sendak's line that Caleb quotes. (Thank you Maurice your words are woven tightly in our daily vocabulary)

The set-up

She choose Carrot Cake this year

Anther tradition you eat from the special plate.  My mother started this with my sisters and I.  Something I loved as a child and my children love too.

Pictures of the farm

the farm...

Happy Birthday Khloe you are an amazing child.  So caring and honest, thoughtful and kind.  Your imagination and creativity are God given.  May your heart allows follow after what your Great Creator has called you to be. We LOVE you
Mama and Daddy

Sweet Pia-Pie

Sweet Pia-Pie

Our Darling Doll, Khlo

Our Darling Doll, Khlo





and lil-ol-me...

and lil-ol-me...