Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Right Nothing Could Go Wrong

The boy loves the horse

I love these tiny helping hands

Giggy and the amigos

This horse is one lucky guy! He's got some littles that REALLY love him and feed him all kinds of treats!

New favorite quote ~ Thank you Jane...again

I LOVE this book I found at the flea market. The pictures are priceless and it smells divine!

My busy little bee reading with her baby while the dogs sleep

School dayzzz

Have you ever had a day that started out so right you just knew nothing could go wrong. As a home schooling mother of three I don't always have days that start this way, but TODAY well today was one of them and it was Fantastic! One by one things just fell naturally into place.

Quoted from my favorite movie, "Everything's going so WELL!"

The rest of the day amazing as it seems ended as it began wonderful. We schooled, cooked, cleaned, played, napped, even the horses were extra glad to see us today! We just had a plain old wonderful day together. I heard lot's of laughing got a lot of hugs gave a lot of kisses and remembered once again how precious how wonderful is my simple ordinary, extraordinary life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bird Watching

Bird watching we had about 15 different birds. A mix of Robins, Black-Capped Chickadee's and House Sparrows.

Setting up to make the feeders

So sticky

Always one for a project!


Looking good, the seeds are sticking!

The book and everything we needed.

Diligent hands

She took over the BIG roll


Now we wait and watch!

This year in school we are studying birds. We are also learning all of the states and capitals, all the United States Presidents, a timeline from Pilgrims and Patriots to modern day America along with MANY other things. Birds fit into this picture mainly in science but also in the fact that every state has it's own bird, tree, flower etc... This gives us plenty of reasons to study birds other than the fact that we all LOVE birds!

We have a great simple take-along guide bird book called Birds, Nests and Eggs the kids love its colorful pictures and simple informative information. We use it for the basis of a lot of our study.

So far we have learned about the American Robin, House Sparrow, American Goldfinch and the Black-Capped Chickadee.

For a fun project this week we made our own bird feeders. Taking old paper rolls punching holes for ribbon to hang them, we spread peanut butter all over then rolled them in bird seed and BOOM bird feeders! We also refilled our own bird feeder that hangs outside our breakfast nook so we can enjoy the chitter chatter every morning of all the birds that flit and fly outside.

A few pics of yesterdays activities! Enjoy bird watching 101

Monday, January 23, 2012

4 days, 3 nights

A very quiet dinner with my husband after a winning game

2 Starbucks venti coffees for the road, DALLAS here we come! I was as giddy as a school girl!

Bottoms up. I ordered extra hot to sip the whole thing for 3 hours...nice and slooow.

On the road just the 2 of us. I heart my husband.

In the car with a Coach is NOT always quiet, they talk ALMOST as much as three kids ;)

Well hello Dallas!!

Yes my husband went willingly with me to IKEA and we had a great time. They even had free Wifi on the second floor so he could still be in touch with the world beyond home furnishings.

The hotel Marriott Solana, Dallas TX. It was amazing!

He went to IKEA, I went here but it was a blast! I forgot how cool high school basketball is! Being the dreamer I am I saw my family 8 years from now sitting in a high school gym watching my kids playing, ahhh cheers to the future!

Then back to Tulsa for my Golden Eagles win against Oakland, 18-4!!

Working Man

...and after 4 days and 3 nights away from my three kids I could not have been more happy to get back in the car and PICK.THEM.UP. #onehappymomma


Thursday, January 12, 2012

First SNOW of 2012!

View from the breakfast table

It is true! Just yesterday we were running around in shorts and today we woke up to snow on the ground. It's not much but it's enough to generate squeals of excitement! I am sure by this afternoon the majority will be melted into a muddy mess but this morning at breakfast it was all we could do to sit and finish before heading out to enjoy the white goodness!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Straight along a Crooked Path

Straight along a crooked path

Caleb and his walking stick, I think it looks like Tiny Tim's crutch ;)

The crooked path

My darling sunshine

Khloe in the three trees

Follow the trail sign

View above

Three trees

View below, careful of the thorns

Silly faces

She's a pistol always has been, hope she always will be ;)

Almost to the top of the rocky slope

Forging a trail, running is the best option

Keeping up

The start to a wonderful day

My loves

ADVENTURE, the word of our year! I have three little amigos who are eager to smell, touch, hear and occasionally taste. Where better to take them to explore their senses then the great outdoors. They can yell and no one cares, they can smell fresh clean air, dirt and trees, they can touch everything in sight and well taste nothing but the snacks we pack for our journey!

Today the amigos and I set out on our first adventure of 2012, Turkey Mountain! There are several great trails for kids challenging enough but at the same time easy enough to forge. They are clearly marked for someone with a bad sense of direction like myself. We set out about 9:30am it was perfect weather. Sun shining through the leafless trees and weather cold enough for a jacket but warm enough to enjoy.

We set out on our journey and had a great time. We choose the yellow/blue trail that took us straight along a crooked path. We started through a meadow and ended climbing a rocky slope to the top where things leveled out. Following the signs and exploring everything from down low to up high. Collecting walking sticks and fun things found of the forest floor.

Caleb at one point said. "I NEVER want to leave this place!" They loved it Adventure #1 complete and utter perfection!

We each left a smile on the mountain today. Something we told the forest we would be back to get! We each took something tangible from the mountain that we would return our next visit! Khloe a cool green leaf and Caleb some bark.

Here are a few pictures of our exploration!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Raising a country girl in the city

My seven in a half year old daughter says the sweetest things. Lately I have realized that my little city girl has gone quite country. She has always loved being outside, animals, horses, outdoor smells, picnics etc, but lately she is noticing things I never thought of.

We lived in a house nearly two years ago that was not in the country but it looked like it. The front door led to a big open field, we had neighbors in back and beside but to walk out the front door with tunnel vision you would think we were the only house for miles. The driveway was big and no one came down the street unless they were one of the other three houses on the block.

Khloe's bedroom window faced the same way so from her point of view we were all alone in a big house in a big field. We then moved back into a neighborhood where houses are several feet apart and her bedroom field view now is our neighbors gate. I never thought of this until SHE brought it up.

We were driving in the car and she mentioned our old house. She knows I affinity for all the places we have lived so we talk about our old houses a lot. She said I loved that house. When I got up in the mornings the sun was shining right through my window I would look out and see the big tree and field. I just loved it she said. Now in my new room the sun doesn't shine in and when I open the window all I see is a broken down gate and a wall. How sad is this?!

Then going to visit my parents her first thought to tell a friend about her Mimi and PopPop's house was we get to go for hikes in the woods and guess what, they have no fence in their yard you can just GO where EVER you WANT! It's true! There house is less than a mile from state forrest and their yard as no fence just trees planted making the property line even more of an adventure.

These simple pleasure's are things I NEVER think about it. It is sad really every house we have lived in is barred with a fence, freedom to explore is limited to the chain link. Young and wild at heart, my three little kids have been stuck. This year no more! I can't change our neighborhood but this year is our year for adventure! To go beyond our fence and neighborhood and explore our world!

Other cute things my girl has said.

*I was just watching the clouds roll by, you know how PopPop does!
*I am sorry Mama I was just listening to the birds sing their beautiful song.
*I like that smell, it smells like the horse barn.

Sweet Pia-Pie

Sweet Pia-Pie

Our Darling Doll, Khlo

Our Darling Doll, Khlo





and lil-ol-me...

and lil-ol-me...