Saturday, October 30, 2010

support handmade

Another wonderful photographer and etsy shop owner pairing up to bring to you unique handmade items!

For headband
For Ruffle Pants

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Because I LOVE to look back ....

Last year decorating pumpkin cookies
Daddy with the 2 amigos fall 2007
fall 2007
Halloween 2007
pumpkin patch 2008

I really just LOVE my life!

It's a pumpkin sorta day!

Our pumpkins! Daddy did a great spooky cooky job!
Our haunted lil house
Homemade pumpkin bread
Pumpkin posin'
Pumpkin love

Fall brings with it so many fun things. I love festive food. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin everything! I like to eat em', crave em', decorate with em'! I love me some pumpkins! Every year we go to some sort of pumpkin patch this year was pumpkin town! We had a great time. here are some photos of the pumpkin patch!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Had to share, had to share!!!

Today my Denim Double Ruffle Pants made it to the front page of etsy...YES THE FRONT PAGE! I was so excited I had to share!!!

My OH My...I LOVE this guy!!!!

Putting together a transformer spaceship
When Daddy let him drive
Playing the itouch in his cave

My Son Caleb James melts my heart on the regular! His tip toe bouncy walk, his hair never fixed quite right, his tenderness to me and his sisters, his toothy gappy grin, his sensitive spirit. I love every inch of every part of this little guy.

I LOVE this boy more than words. He is compassionate, kind, sweet, tough, funny, energetic, out-going, sensitive. I pray he has a heart of compassion, that he is a giver, that he is meek not weak. I pray he is a leader, an example, a light in a dark place. I pray he gets to experience God. I pray he becomes a good husband and Daddy, that he is a good friend, that he seeks his potential.

I pray that the love he is able to give is the love he has been given.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We have a tooth!

We have been waiting for this tooth for a long time. I felt as though my sweet little princess Pia was teething for about 2 months. Covered in drool, gnawing everything she could get close to her mouth, and grinding those naked little gums. Well this past week my in laws came to visit and as my father in law was holding her he spotted the tip of the iceberg, was it, is it, YES a TOOTH! Our Pia has a tooth! Another milestone crossed only 21 more to go, right Dad or am I way off?! (I love my dentist he's my Dad!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictures of the purge

A train full of trinkets
My darling little pack rat
the closet
the closet
I kick myself for not taking a before picture! Take my word for it, this is A LOT better than what it was!

Toy purging with my pack rat

Today after doing school I had a great idea. Instead of playing the afternoon away. My daughter and I while her brother and lil sister slept decided to clean her room. She shares it with her brother so her half room, well lets be real her 3/4 room, Caleb has a very defined corner! Please understand that my little pack rat also goes by the name of Khloe and has a REALLY hard time letting go of everything!! I mean really hard! She is an emotional little girl, slightly dramatic and extremely sentimental, I am afraid I may be slightly responsible for some of her attributes.

Ok, ok, yes one of my favorite songs is "If these Walls Could Speak" and I think of it and hum to myself when ever we are getting ready to move to yet another residence always with a tear in my eye or already on my cheek. I have never been good at good bye. Where my little pack rat and I differ is STUFF! I have NO problem getting rid of stuff, I rather enjoy it! De-cluttering my Dad would call it. I, when talking about Khloe call it purging because for her it is not just getting rid of stuff it is emotional, a learning to let go, a dealing with feelings and putting them aside knowing the end result will be better than the current struggle and when it's all over the pain of letting go will have been worth it... a purging!

I think she feels out of control and its her stuff, rightfully so. I look at it as a receipt for food or a marker cap. She sees possibility and potential! She is only 6 and these things seem so petty but I have to remind myself she really does not have control over much right now in her life, except for her stuff and even some times then she still doesn't. I thought about all of this before beginning the cleaning out process. I had already decided for the most part what was going to go and what was going to stay but in the end she would give the thumbs up or down.

We went into her room and started with the closet. I held up a few items, broken pieces of what ever that she was holding onto. At first she was reluctant to let anything go. I would hold up things and say keep or pitch. Mommy whats "pitch" oh throw away ( so cute). She would say keep or pitch. Pretty soon once she knew she was in control, I started getting a lot more pitches, yay, breakthrough she was letting go. Before I knew it we had a garbage bag full of stuff she was not just willing to let go but ok with letting go.

I think we taught each other something to day, a life lesson that through out our relationship as mother and daughter will be very important. I am her guide. Like a shepherd with sheep the Bible illustrates our Father God to us. We guide them, show them where to go, keep them from danger as best we can, tell them what to do and how to do it, walk beside, behind and in front depending on what is happening around them at the time. So when it comes time to let go we can be confident in what they have been taught and their ability to recognize what needs kept and what needs pitched. We grew a little today, she trusted me a little more and I learned to trust her a little more. Thank you God for blessing me with a little life lesson. May I always have a heart to receive.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not soon. Forgotten moments. Caught. With my phone

favorite shirt
playing Mommy with Mommies stuff on
A van that say's Twilight Grandma on it! LOVE!
Little man, little potty
headed to the library wearing his "big brother" hat
our dog Roxy being silly
Teething? I think so

Monday, October 4, 2010

I think I am in LOVE...with a phone

UGH! I LOVE my iphone, well maybe not love but I really, really, really, really like it! It is a day planner, alarm clock,phone, radio, camera, video camera, GPS, mini computer, texting machine (maybe thats me), weather finder, phonebook, , video game I could really go on! It's the best little invention since well since EVER!!!

I always have my phone. If for some reason I don't I feel panicked like when I don't have my purse or something. I have no way to get a hold of anyone and no way for anyone to get a hold of me. Sometimes I LOVE that feeling but on the day to day it is like a little friend. I stay connected with my distant family sharing phone calls, text messages, pictures, videos etc... be glad if I don't send you anything I get picture crazy! I just LOVE every single picture of my kids! Anyone else feel that way...they really never take a bad shot...EEWWWW they are just so darn sweet!

The main reason I think I may be in love with my phone is that like this blog it catches my everyday moments. The moments that with out my phone would go unrecorded, unphotographed and what is it... out of sight out of mind! Not me, not any more, not now that I have my phone! I get everything for instance Caleb was using the potty at the library today. I opened the door to peek on him and there he was a little man in a little man's potty. Doing his business at the tiny potty, washing his hands at the tiny sink, like I said SO DARN CUTE! Now that is a moment that I most likely would have forgot had I not snapped a picture! Ok, ok maybe that is a bad example but really everyday I take probably 10 pictures at least with my phone.

Most people say they have more pictures of their first born than their 2nd or 3rd. Not me I have the most of my sweet Pia bc of my phone! It makes me sad I didn't have it when K and C were babies. I barley have pictures of my sweet first and second born :( Well that's maybe not the truth but I have a lot less.

Anyway I guess I would encourage anyone and everyone to find their own way of remembering the small stuff. These days are numbered. Don't miss out on little moments. You may think you will never forget but let me tell you, you will at least some of it. These days will come and go, new beginnings that brush a side the old. Precious days, minutes, moments that I promise you won't wanna miss and when you take the time to catch them you will never be sorry you did!

Sweet Pia-Pie

Sweet Pia-Pie

Our Darling Doll, Khlo

Our Darling Doll, Khlo





and lil-ol-me...

and lil-ol-me...